Dad Approved Father’s Day Gifts

June 6, 2019

Dad Approved Father's Day Gifts

It’s almost Father’s Day ya’ll, and I’m guessing you’re here for gift ideas. I love putting these together because it makes me think about the giftee and their routines & preferences. My dad, like a lot of dads, has pretty much everything he wants so it can be tricky to find the perfect gift.

So, I like to look for upgrades to his every day things, go for nostalgia, or introduce him to something practical but still fun. My dad has been a huge design influence in my life (he’s actually the one who suggested studying Industrial Design!) and all these gifts have his stamp of approval.

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Make Your Own Cuppa Calm Tea Blend

May 30, 2019

Cuppa Calm Tea Blend

Have you ever been introduced to something so wonderful, you just can’t shut up about it? My sweet, thoughtful, brilliant friend made me this tea blend for work-induced stress, and my life was changed. I had what I now realize was stress pain in my shoulder blades for over a year and just chalked it up to bad desk posture. I’m no stranger to teas, but none of them have had an effect like this one.

I followed her directions, had my first cup before bed, and woke up the next morning without the tight, twisting pain that had become my norm. I was shocked and immediately asked her if I could share her tea blend with you all- and because she is all kinds of amazing, she agreed!

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The Memorial Day Sales I’m Shopping

May 27, 2019

I dropped off for a little bit to make the most of my time off in between jobs (!!!) and have been enjoying working my way through our endless #HaileyHome to-do list. A week was hardly enough time to scratch the surface before jumping into my new role as a design director for a local innovation firm in town, and now after a successful first week, I’m spending the extra long weekend shopping for some finishing pieces for a few rooms, building out my new work wardrobe, and hitting some minor home improvements. You can find me on my couch today, with a zillion tabs open, shopping my favorite sales.

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DIY Spring Chimes Wood Earrings

May 17, 2019

diy wood earrings

While it classically feels like Florida has completely skipped over spring, I’m still excited to pretend and wear the slightly more pastel options of my closet. Most of the year I wear big, brass jewelry or large, DIY statement earrings to offset deeper jewel tones, but with a pastel palette, they felt a little too… Easter eggy. I’ve been loving all the natural materials popping up and wanted some way to DIY wood earrings.

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DIY Mother’s Day Poem Candle

May 1, 2019

DIY Mother's Day Poem Candle-

Our family was never one to exchange cards (besides Christmas of course), so I was looking for a creative way to incorporate a poem into a gift this year for a Mother’s Day twist. I’ve also been hoarding candles lately, so this DIY seemed like a serendipitous fit! I love the simplicity and emotions of Rupi Kaur’s poems and used a section from her Milk and Honey book. Other good options would be excerpts from a childhood book, lyrics, or psalms!

Also, a big Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, dog moms, friend-group moms, soon-to-be moms, honorary moms and more!

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